Space Dive 2.0

Making space-diving as easy and accessible as skydiving.

Space Dive 2.0 is a program focused on making space diving as easy and accessible as skydiving. Our expert team has worked on such programs as the Red Bull Stratos project, Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, Messenger Space Craft, SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo, and many more, dating all the way back to the Viking program in the 70’s. Our team is currently developing the technology to safely perform space dives for anyone who wants to jump, truly from the edge of space.

The Suborbital Launch

For the Space Dive 2.0 program we intend to use a modified suborbital launch vehicle from an existing provider. This vehicle will transport 4 space tourists to the kármán line, 100km high, to perform a spacewalk and space dive. At this time we are in talks with several providers and will be announcing a launch vehicle partnership very soon.

Design, code & technology

Dual-Mode Ejection

To improve diver comfort and safety, our dual-mode ejection system is not only designed to lightly eject four divers on their way to the edge of space, but to also serve as an emergency ejection system in the event of a catastrophic vehicle anomaly.

Design, code & technology

The Spacewalk

Once outside the spacecraft, divers will slowly drift away from each other as well as the spacecraft; however, all will be on similar ballistic trajectories. The spacewalk lasts nearly 8 minutes and is very peaceful. This is due to the fact that sound does not travel in space, hence this period will be one of reflection and silence. There will also be no concept of relative motion since all objects near the space-diver are traveling at the same speed so all space-divers will appear to be floating unaware that they are traveling at several times the speed of sound. Direct communication between fellow space-divers, spacecraft, and ground controllers are all that might be heard during this time. After this 8-minute period your space-dive officially begins.

Design, code & technology

The Space Dive

The space dive occurs +8 minutes after egress. At this time the space-divers will be traveling at Mach 3.5 as they pass through the mesosphere. After the mesosphere comes the stratosphere where the atmosphere becomes denser. Once divers enter the upper stratosphere a system called the Automatic Re-entry Attitude Control (ARAC) will engage and take control back from the diver. ARAC is designed to flip the divers onto their backs for a controlled re-entry into the denser atmosphere of the lower stratosphere. Several flight control systems are used to control a safe descent.

Design, code & technology

The Suit

The suit technologies we are developing are primarily on flight control and space-dive rig technologies. Life support technologies we plan to initially use an existing pressure suit to be announced later.

Design, code & technology