Next-Generation in Mobile High-Resolution Brain Imaging

BCI-2.0 is a new type of high-resolution, mobile brain imaging technology that stems from the development of our state of the art flight control system called the Cognitive Flight Control System (CFCS). The CFCS is designed to control our spacesuits Attitude Control System (ACS) for the Space Dive 2.0 program. Headsets featuring BCI-2.0 technology will allow for real-time, advanced control capabilities far beyond any of todays Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technologies.

BCI Technology Today

There are two primary areas of brain activity that scientists monitor today, first the electrical activity resulting from a summation of your brain’s instantaneous neuronal activity, and secondly the brain’s increased hemodynamic response to these areas, which occurs after neuronal activity.

One area of interest in BCI research today is detecting what is called the initial dip, when blood flow oxygenation dips prior to a flood of oxygenated blood later. Current BCI technologies, (BCI-1.0) produce low-spatial resolution images of our brain’s activity limiting the ability to characterize and correlate such activity, or to detect the initial dip effectively.

BCI-2.0 Technology

Our BCI-2.0 technology address all setbacks in brain imaging today. KÁRMÁN has come up with a solution to image the brains electrical and hemodynamic activity, in both high spatial and temporal resolution. This hybrid combination and unique BCI imaging hardware allow BCI-2.0 enabled headsets to better understand more complex functions while reducing training requirements.

Our Headsets

We plan to initially launch two BCI-2.0 enabled headsets. The first is a video game BCI that will enable gamers to respond to situations faster and is designed to be light-weight and low-cost. We will also be launching a medical-grade BCI focused on high-resolution mobile brain imaging research, which in turn will further advance the development of other BCI-2.0 enabled controllers in the future.

Target Applications

BCI headsets have a bright future with many diverse potential applications. BCI-2.0 due to its superior resolution will enable fine control in industries such as gaming, wearables, medical devices, flight and robotic control, and many more.